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Distressed Assets

SVN’s Asset Recovery Team provides immediate underwriting nationwide and disposition solutions to financial institutions and real estate clients with distressed portfolio assets.

Collaborative teaming with our Senior Accelerated Marketing Advisors and over 900 local market experts and professional brokers create, design, implement and execute customized marketing plans for the repositioning and disposition of assets to insure the maximum return for our clients.


The diverse services we offer include:
  • Market Research
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Property Preservation
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Management
  • Leasing
  • General Brokerage
  • Accelerated Marketing
  • Auctions
  • Load Sales
  • Acquisition
Our Value Proposition
The hundreds of years of experience represented by the Sperry Van Ness Asset Recovery Team includes successful disposition of assets as contractors for the Resolution Trust Corporation and private-sector disposition of distressed and recovered assets. That experienced team is part of a recognized national framework of real estate professionals unmatched in the industry for providing immediate and successful solutions. Time to market is vastly reduced through extensive technology facilitating the required underwriting, packaging and marketing of assets in a seamless process designed to maximize exposure resulting in maximum recovery value.