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Who We Are

Sperry Van Ness Commercial Real Estate Advisors is a national firm founded in 1987 in Irvine, California. The Long Island office of Sperry Van Ness serves Long Island and New York City’s Five Boroughs.  We are a full-service commercial real estate firm with over 50 years combined experience. Our team of Advisors works on the sales and leasing of commercial real estate.  As advisors we represent owners, buyers and tenants. We provide commercial real estate services to national investment funds, regional property owners and local experienced investors and owners.

Character – Competency – Certainty
It’s a different world out there which requires a different kind of commercial real estate firm working on your behalf in order to be successful. The Lipsey Co., has ranked the Sperry Van Ness Organization as one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in the US for a reason – we know how to deliver a certainty of execution for our clients. Sperry Van Ness International Corporation is one of the largest commercial real estate franchisors in the world with franchisees in 3 countries, 38 states, and 153 markets. Sperry Van Ness franchisees and their Advisors have completed more than $39 billion dollars in sales volume on more than 12,000 transactions in the last 4 years alone.

Core Covenants

  1. I place my client’s interest above my own and proactively cooperate with all Brokers and Agents.
  2. I show respect and support to all.
  3. I epitomize the first-class reputation and image of Sperry Van Ness.
  4. I value the importance of physical and mental health, and involvement within my community in the support of a balanced and successful career.
  5. I quickly resolve conflicts positively and effectively.
  6. I am individually responsible for achieving my own potential.
  7. I honor my commitments.
  8. I dominate my Market Area and promote my specialty within the Firm.
  9. My thoughts, actions and energies are focused on the positive and the possible.
  10. I create amazing benefits for my clients, colleagues, and community.
  11. I actively support non-profit organizations and aspire to contribute at least 1% of my annual income to these charities.